Metalware Maintenance

Every product from the Dere Brothers factory comes with a warranty for the quality and purity of silver. Furthermore, we also provide an annual maintenance contract for polishing of your silverware. This would involve industrial quality polishing approx. two times in a year and onsite polishing two times in the year. Please contact us to get a profile of our services


Get to the core of the metal.

Yoga, jindal, dieting, Padushan, etc. are all forms of cleansing. In this polluted world, more than 90% of all silverware is impure. We help u extract the maximum purity out of your metalware. We charge a nominal fee for refining your silverware and giving you silver of 999 and 99 percent purity. We have state of the art facilities to ensure minimum metal loss during the process of refining.


Each product comes with a warranty and certification for the quality and purity of the precious metal. This certification is recognised across India. As a member of the Bombay Bullion Association, dual certification can be provided at a nominal charge.