Precious Metalware Platting

Dere & Sons have a Silverware and Gold-ware platting program. This caters to two primary purposes.

  • Serves the utilitarian value- a majority of the silverware in the market is impure and of poor quality. Thus very often when our clients are gifted some silverware, they notice discolouration of the product i.e. it turn yellow or orange over time due to the impurities in it. We can refurbish the item to its original state by silver and gold platting
  • If you wish to give your old artefacts a makeover or want to give a different dimension to that stylish metal statue adorning your living room, we can provide a silverware and goldware plating to it. Furthermore, if you wish to give it with an antique finish, we will create that museum worthy artefact. This will make you artefact look like a collector items and add to the elegance of your room.
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